Netizens Praise Fast-Food Chain for Recognizing Achievements of Working Students

Fast-Food Chain

Fast-Food Chain Receives Praise Online for Recognizing Achievements of Working Students The netizen praised a popular fast-food chain McDonald’s for recognizing the achievements of their working students. King John Ortega Milo, a Facebook user, recently shared the photo of graduation pictures and certificates of diligent working students of a fast-food chain. The post elicits reactions … Read more

Anne Curtis on Gala “Lumpia” Outfit Meme: “Here, have some lumpia”

Anne Curtis Lumpia Meme

Anne Curtis Reacts to “Lumpia” Meme About her GMA Gala 2023 Outfit Actress and It’s Showtime host Anne Curtis expresses her reaction to the “lumpia” meme about her outfit at GMA Gala 2023. Anne Curtis’s captivating charm glowed brighter than ever. She exuded ageless beauty and grace while clothed in a magnificent outfit. Anne’s attire, … Read more

Heartwarming Wedding Proposal Captures Attention of Netizens

Heartwarming Wedding Proposal

Video of Heartwarming Wedding Proposal Goes Viral Online A heartwarming wedding proposal captured the attention of the netizens after the woman’s family brought the engagement ring. The hearts of many were deeply touched by the extraordinary wedding proposal shared by Ian Lee and Hannah Revidad, a loving couple whose story has captured the attention of … Read more

TAPE Inc will Celebrate the 44th Anniversary of Eat Bulaga!

Netizens React to TAPE Inc Still Celebrating 44th Anniversary of Eat Bulaga! The online community gives reactions to Television and Production Exponents Inc (TAPE) still celebrating the 44th anniversary of the longest-running noontime show Eat Bulaga! Netizens reacted to TAPE Inc’s so-called “Big Day” for the 44th anniversary of the new Eat Bulaga. According to … Read more

Netizens Question Awra Briguela Release Despite Weekend

Awra Briguela Release from Police Custody Despite Weekend Questioned by Netizens The online community questioned the release of Kapamilya actor Awra Briguela from police custody despite the weekend. Awra Briguela, also known as Mcneal Briguela, was temporarily released after paying a P6,000 bond on Saturday night, July 1. Awra was detained on June 29 in … Read more

Xian Gaza on Netizens Urging to Free Awra Briguela: “Di porke trending maari na palayain”

Xian Gaza Reacts to Netizens Calling to Free Awra Briguela After Nabbed Over Brawl Social media personality and businessman Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza reacts to netizens who are calling to free actor Awra Briguela following his arrest. Following news of the former child star’s detention following a brawl at a Makati City pub, he garnered … Read more