Zack Tabudlo Harms Himself Amid Issues w/ Moira

Songwriter Zack Tabudlo did this amid the controversies involving him and Moira Dela Torre.

ZACK TABUDLO – “Binibini” hitmaker Zack Tabudlo set the record straight and made shocking revelations in a new post.

Singers Moira Dela Torre and Zabudlo are rumored having an affair and this rumor resurfaced when someone spoke against Moira online. The situation has been getting out of hand which prompted Moira to also speak for herself.

In an official statement, she denied the accusations thrown at her and maintained her truth – she and Zack don’t have an affair.

And recently, on Wednesday, Tabudlo also stepped out and revealed his side. He broke his silence about certain issues and made some shocking revelations that happened to him amid all the issues he is involved in.

In a lengthy and sensitive Facebook post, he addressed the persisting rumors about him and Moira by explaining how their friendship grew and how they got closer. He recalled that this rumor has affected both of their mental states.

In his post, he explained that Moira and her friends were there for him when he was at his lowest point. He would break down in front of them because they made him feel loved, safe, and protected.

And when Jason and Moira separated, it became their turn to be with Moira to give her support.

“We were all in shock of what happened. We were all then leaning into protecting her and giving all of the love she needed. during the months that past, we were all just present for her,” he said. 

However, their actions were taken out of context. This has caused cheating accusations hurled against Dela Torre but in reality, he was just there for her as a friend who needed his help the same way he needed her when he got himself in an unpleasant situation.

The rumors and pressure took a toll on Tabudlo and these things almost cost him his life. He tried to take his own life. He was put in a coma and unresponsive but was given a second chance in life which he is grateful for.

“I kept quiet but it all became too heavy for me. The pressure, the accusations, the music, my mental state, and everything just crumbled down for me. and I gave up. I couldn’t take it…But thank God he gave me another chance. I was in the hospital in a comma unresponsive, and everyone thought I didn’t make it. After hours of them waiting, I woke up in the ER,” he revealed.

And during this time in his life, Moira did not leave his side despite the things that she went through in her personal life. He spoke about Moira and said that she is the strongest person he met in his life.

He also said, “I adore her with all my heart. She was one of the people who were there for me during my healing stages in the ward and I will never ever forget how much she’s helped me grow and move past this phase of mine despite of all the things she went through.” 

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