Moira Dela Torre Parents & Lolito Go Have “Heartfelt, Tearful” Talk

All is well? After a heartfelt and tearful talk, the parents of Moira Dela Torre and songwriter Lolito Go decided to do this.

MOIRA DELA TORRE – The parents of Moira Dela Torre has a heartfelt and tearful talk with Lolito Go following the controversial posts.

Last May 28, a controversial post with lots of revelations from songwriter Lolito Go went viral online. He then claimed in his viral post that the singer is more of an oppressor than a victim. He also talked about the mistake Jason did and alleged that Moira offered him to become her ghostwriter.

The issue went viral and became the talk of the two over the weekend.

This reached the parent of Moira and in a previous article, the singer’s mother reacted to one of the posts of the songwriter. Moira’s mother expressed that what is happening is breaking her heart because she knows that her daughter is just being nice.

“You are borrowing money, and you are insisting na mag GHOSTWRITER ka. We have the truth. Maawain lang anak ko,” Moira’s mother said in her reply.

Go also replied to this but after this exchange, Go shared in his new post that he and Moira’s parents have talked in a way that is heartfelt and tearful. In an “addendum”, he shared that their conversation has clarified a lot of things and a lot of things have been also said that are not shared on social media.

He stressed that he still stands firm by his first post. For him, dissonance is needed to achieve harmony and a war has to wage to have peace. He just called out what needed to be called out.

“Sana matapos na ito dahil mga marites lang naman ang nag-eenjoy. We will settle things privately. At alam kong makakamove-on din tayong lahat,” he added.


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