Priscilla Meirelles Strong Statements After Admitting Marital Problems

Here’s what Priscilla Meirelles said amid the issues of her marriage.

PRISCILLA MEIRELLES – Wife of John Estrada, former beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles, speaks about her intriguing posts online.

In a previous article, Chiyo Dela Vega shared cryptic posts amid the tirades of Priscilla Meirelles about cheating. Chiyo is an influencer based in Cebu and as Meirelles admitted the marital problems between her and her husband John Estrada, the alleged “kabit” also posted her share of thoughts on social media.

“Napuno na ako,” Priscilla admits and revealed that the problems in their marriage have been going on for a while now.

And just recently, Priscilla finally talked about her intriguing posts online.

Priscilla Meirelles

According to her, those posts are actually not cryptic. For her, she was direct when she shared that there’s cheating included in their marital problems.

Meirelless explained, “I don’t understand why people are saying my posts are cryptic. The way I see it, I was very direct to the point.”

She expressed that wherever they are going through, she cannot be taken for a fool as she is not.

In terms of her social media activities, she believes that every post she decided to share is her way to connect with people. Her social media is her platform to share her beliefs and she takes responsibility for everything that she shares.

“In the meantime, I can just hope and pray that if you cannot understand or empathize, Please don’t judge,” she added.

As for now, she said that she will continue sharing her thoughts on her social media page but she will do it responsibly based on a report from PEP.


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