John Estrada Alleged “Kabit” Shares Inspirational Messages Amid Marital Issue

Chiyo dela Vega is the alleged “kabit” of John Estrada

Actor John Estrada is now being linked to Cebuana social media influencer Chiyo dela Vega and amid the marital issue, she had these posts showcasing inspirational messages.

This issue started after John’s wife Priscilla Meirelles shared intriguing posts. She asked netizens to suggest a name for a female who entertains a married man. In a chat interview, the former beauty queen confirmed that she and John are going through a marital problem.

Amid this issue, Chiyo dela Vega’s name surfaced. Previously, the Cebuana influencer shared screenshots of her conversation with Priscilla. The wife of John said that she happened to see a Viber conversation between the actor and the influencer.

priscilla meirelles john estrada
📷: @primeirelles IG

Chiyo was denying the accusation against her but in the caption of her post, she mentioned that she only had “tikim” once.

Amid this issue, netizens expressed various reactions. Some are criticizing John Estrada while some said that they are not shocked anymore by this because of the actor’s history. On other hand, some are criticizing Priscilla for taking this issue on social media.

chiyo dela vega
📷: @chiyodelavega_

She said in the chat interview that she was forced to speak because she was “napuno na.” However, she did not give further details about the problem that she and join are going through right now.

Amid this issue, Chiyo received criticism as well but she promoted positivity through her recent Instagram Stories. The Cebuana influencer shared inspirational messages.

“Be a good person in real life. None of these social media s#it matters,” the quote stated.

📷: via FP

Chiyo also shared this quote: “No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.”

📷: via FP

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