John Estrada Alleged “Kabit” Releases Screenshots of Convo w/ Priscilla Meirelles

John Estrada is now accused of cheating due to this

The alleged “kabit” of John Estrada released screenshots of her conversation with the actor’s wife Priscilla Meirelles.

Just recently, Priscilla caught the attention of many netizens when she asked a question on her Instagram Story. She asked netizens what to call a woman who is entertaining a married man.

Netizens gave their suggestions and Priscilla posted the top 20 answers that she chose. She even thanked netizens for introducing her to new meaningful words.

John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles
Actor John Estrada and Beauty Queen Priscilla Meirelles

Priscilla also shared a cryptic post reminding men to consider their daughter’s sake in being a better version of themselves. With this, netizens can’t help but think that there is something going on between Priscilla Meirelles and John Estrada.

Following the cryptic posts that the former beauty queen shared, a Cebuana influencer, based on the post of Fashion Pulis, released screenshots of her conversation with John’s wife.

The screenshot showed that Priscilla messaged the Cebuana influencer first asking her if there was a thing between her and John. The Cebuana influencer explained that they only met once because John attended an event in Cebu.

Then, Priscilla said that she happened to stumble upon a Viber conversation that her husband had with the influencer who defended that she and John hadn’t had a conversation and that she knows they are married.

priscilla meirelles message 1
📷: Facebook

The influencer also said that she just gave her number to John when he asked for it for possible future events and that she has no intention of having a relationship with him.

Priscilla said that she would be going to Cebu on April 6 and told the Cebuana influencer that they should meet. “Let’s meet. Since you are so friendly, bringing the whole family including him,” the wife of John Estrada wrote.

📷: Facebook

When the Cebuana influencer shared this post on Facebook, she wrote this caption: “Hoy Auntie, akala ko ok na tayo.. tumikim lang ako ng isang beses, very light lang yun at hindi na ako umulit kasi hindi masarap.” (rough translation)

john estrada cebuana influencer p
📷: via FP

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