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Witty Couple Make “Disconnection Notice” Wedding Invitation

Witty Couple Make “Disconnection Notice” Wedding Invitation

Couple Goes Viral for Making Wedding Invitation Look Like a “Disconnection Notice”

A witty couple goes viral on social media for making their wedding invitation look like a “disconnection notice” of an electricity bill.

Joy Babor, commonly known as Lyka Barista, a radio disc jockey, submitted a creative and hilarious wedding invitation on Facebook. Joy is getting married to her fiancé Luisito Antonio Santos. Their wedding invitation goes viral because it appears to be a notice of an electricity disconnection.

“Ooppss! Hindi po ito Notice of Disconnection, ito po ay Wedding Invitation! 🤣” Babor said in her post.

Disconnection Notice Wedding Invitation

Edison “Bong” Nebrija, the traffic control chief, is one of the recipients. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) traffic control chief joked that he was initially apprehensive when he received a wedding invitation resembling an electrical bill statement.

“‘Yung akala mong Notice of Disconnection, ngayon pala Notice of Invitation! Pambihara, LA and Joy, pinakaba [niyo] ako dun, ah. Akala ko Meralco, ngayon pala Mahalco! Hahaha, the most unique invitation I ever had,” he wrote on his Facebook account.

Meralco, an electric power distribution corporation, inspired the invitation’s design and font. However, instead of a voltage symbol, the logo included an outline of a heart. It was also called “MAHALCO” rather than MERALCO, the stylized spelling of the electric company’s abbreviated name.

Joy revealed in an interview that she and her partner enjoy doing unusual stunts, so they decided to use their inventiveness in inviting future people to their wedding. They follow the trend, but their mantra is to be a trendsetter in everything.

It is reported that they began sending unusual wedding invitations around the middle of March. Aside from the godfathers and godmothers, who must have been taken aback by what appeared to be an electrical bill, netizens were taken aback by the sweet and entertaining wedding invitation.

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