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Teacher Keeping Students Calm Amid Shooting in Masbate Goes Viral

Teacher Keeping Students Calm Amid Shooting in Masbate Goes Viral

Teacher Lauded Online for Keeping Students Calm Amid Shooting of Army vs Rebels in Masbate

The online community lauded a teacher in Masbate for keeping her students calm while the Philippine Army is exchanging fire against rebels.

On Monday, government soldiers and New People’s Army (NPA) insurgents battled in Masbate. On Wednesday morning, two soldiers from the Philippine Army’s 2nd Infantry Battalion (2IB) were wounded in a clash with approximately 11 NPA fighters in Placer town’s Barangay Locso-an.

The NPA carries out attacks in public places, notably near schools, causing anguish, particularly among youth, and is unconcerned about the prospect of innocent people being injured. Placer, Dimasalang, Uson, and Cataingan are among the impacted local government units (LGUs).

As a result of the ongoing conflicts, face-to-face lessons in primary and secondary schools in four municipalities in Masbate province have been suspended. According to Gilbert Sadsad, Regional Director of the Department of Education in Bicol (DepEd-5), schools in the impacted areas would be closed for in-person classes until the situation improves.

Masbate Teacher Calm Students

Meanwhile, a video of an elementary school teacher in Placer, Masbate, has gone viral on social media. According to the footage, she calmed down and safeguarded pupils who were stunned and terrified by the clash between the military and rebel groups near their school.

Instead of instilling dread, Ma’am Athena Suan of Locso-an Elementary School calmed down and instructed the pupils to sit on the classroom floor. Ma’am Suan confirms that none of the pupils were injured, but according to the story, one of the troops was injured.

 “Wala naman pong nasaktan sa amin and safe po ‘yong mga bata kasi pag-start pa lang ng pagsabog at barilan, pinapasok agad namin ang mga bata sa classroom,” shared the teacher.

The video has gone viral, capturing the interest of the online community. The brave act of the teacher for her kids in the face of the frightening circumstances outside was commended by netizens.

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