Vince Tañada Bashed for Working Out in a “Cheap bakal gym”

Vince Tañada Reacts to Basher Criticizing Him for Working Out in a “Cheap bakal gym” Director Vince Tañada receives bashing after working out in a “cheap bakal” gym despite alleged big profit from “Katips” film. Director and writer of “Katips” and the upcoming film “Ako si Ninoy” Atty. Vince Taada shared his recent encounter with … Read more

Darryl Yap Says Celeste Cortesi is “Unlucky” Due to Darna Costume

Darryl Yap Claims “Unlucky” Celeste Cortesi Lost Due to Darna Costume Controversial director Darryl Yap claimed that Miss Universe Philippines Celeste Cortesi is “unlucky” and lost due to Darna national costume. Yap, like other netizens, stated that donning the Darna costume of Philippines’ Cortesi in the preliminary competition for Miss Universe 2022 was “bad luck” … Read more

Vince Tañada Shares Newly Bought Car: “Katas ng Katips”

Vince Tañada Shows Off Newly Bought Car from Martial Law Film Katips Director Atty Vince Tañada shared the car he newly bought from what he called “Katas ng Katips” or his martial law film. Director and attorney Vince Tañada flaunted his new automobile on Facebook. He reportedly thanked God for a new blessing that he … Read more

Vince Tañada Files Cyber Libel Case Against Juliana Segovia

Vince Tañada Formally Files Cyber Libel Case vs Juliana Parizcova Segovia Director Atty Vince Tañada formally files a cyber libel charge against the comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia. The filmmaker of the film “Katips,” Atty. Vince Tañada said that he has filed a lawsuit against comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia for cyber libel. A report claims that … Read more

Tañada Slams Tagging Harvard, Nobel Peace Prize as ‘Dilawan’

Vince Tañada Reacts to Those Tagging Harvard, Nobel Peace Prize, Famas as ‘Dilawan’ Atty Vince Tañada slammed those who are tagging Harvard University, Famas, and Nobel Peace Price to ‘dilawan’. Director of “Katips,” Atty. Vince Tañada responds to netizens who claim that Harvard University, the FAMAS prizes, and the Nobel Peace Prize are all associated … Read more

Darryl Yap Lambast Those Who Cancel Paul Soriano for Supporting BBM

Darryl Yap Slams Personalities Who Cancel Paul Soriano Over Support to BBM Director Darryl Yap took a swipe against personalities who allegedly “cancel” Paul Soriano after being spotted supporting Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (BBM). The controversial director goes on a rampage against Hollywood personalities who have voiced displeasure with Toni Gonzaga’s husband, director Paul Soriano, … Read more

“Love Unlock” Director Dado Lumibao to Gerald, Arci Tandem: “Ang ganda nilang tingnan”

“Love Unlock” Director Dado Lumibao to Lauded Gerald, Arci Chemistry Dado Lumibao, director of first ever digital special “Love Unlock” lauded the chemistry of Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz. Dado Lumibao said Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz have good chemistry while they are making the film. Direk Dado said he is grateful to “Hook-up” actors … Read more