Pokwang on Lee O’Brian’s New: “Akala koba ako lang chaka? Ang cheap!”

Pokwang Throws Shade On Ex-Husband Lee O’Brian’s Alleged New Partner

Veteran actress-comedian Pokwang throws shade on her American ex-husband Lee O’Brian’s alleged new partner.

Marietta Subong, also known as Pokwang stirs buzz on social media after sharing an intriguing Instagram story about her ex-husband Lee O’Brian. According to the story, the comedienne appears to be disparaging her American ex-husband’s new partner.

“Nang makita mo pinalit sayo ng ex mo. Huh? Akala koba ako na ang chaka? Bwahahahahahaa ang cheap!!!!” Pokwang said in her IG story along with a stunning photo of her.

Pokwang Lee O'Brian's New

It can be recalled that Pokie announced her divorce from Lee O’Brian in July 2022. Her friend, talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz, broke the news first. The couple has a daughter named Malia.

Rumors circulated that the reason for the breakup was financial. Lee is accused of relying solely on Pokie for financial support. The comedian, on the other hand, slammed the allegations leveled against her former partner.

Lee, she claims, is “masipag” and looks after their daughter. Even after they split up, the comedienne continued to share photos and videos of Lee bonding with Malia.

Pokwang was one of these actor-turned-business owners, co-founding her first home-based business, Poklee Food Products, with Lee O’Brian. Laing, sili garlic aligue, garlic aligue, espesyal suka, gourmet tuyo, tinapa, strawberry jam, and kimchi were among the company’s products.

The Poklee Food brand, on the other hand, is no longer available. She informed them that they should now order from her new brand, Mamang Pokwang’s Gourmet.

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