Lee O’Brian Wants Pokwang to Pay P2.4-M for “PokLee” Channel

Lee O’Brian Alleged Charged Pokwang P2.4-M for Their “PokLee” YouTube Channel American actor Lee O’Brian allegedly wanted her ex-wife Pokwang to pay P2.4-M for their “PokLee” YouTube channel. Ogie Diaz, a talent manager and entertainment columnist, recently detailed the feud between comedian Pokwang and her ex-husband Lee O’Brian in his showbiz vlog. Ogie mentioned that … Read more

Pokwang is Pursuing Case vs Lee: “Undesirable Alien has no place in this country”

Pokwang Reveals Called Her Ex-Husband Lee O’Brian “Undesirable Alien” Actress-comedienne Pokwang insisted that she is pursuing the deportation case against her ex-husband Lee O’Brian and called him an “undesirable alien”. Pokwang stated her position on the counter-affidavit submitted by Lee O’Brian in response to the charges filed against him in her Instagram story. O’Brian launches … Read more

Cristy Fermin, Co-hosts Chides Pokwang Over Statement On Her Case

Cristy Fermin and Her Co-hosts Reacts to Statement of Pokwang on Her Case vs Lee O’Brian Veteran entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin and her co-hosts react to Pokwang statement on her case against her ex-husband. In one of the episodes of “Showbiz No Na!”, Cristy Fermin, Rommel Chika, and Wendell Alvarez couldn’t stop laughing as they … Read more

Lee O’Brian Allegedly “Diring-diri” to Have Intimate Moment with Pokwang

Lee O’Brian “Diring-diri” to Sleep with Pokwang, Ogie Diaz Revealed Showbiz vlogger and talent manager Ogie Diaz revealed that foreign actor Lee O’Brian is allegedly “diring-diri” to have intimate moment with ex-wife Pokwang. Ogie Diaz’s YouTube show “Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update” recounted what actress-comedienne Pokwang disclosed about her relationship with ex-husband Lee O’Brian in an … Read more

Pokwang on Basher on Twitter: “May schedule ako sa NBI soon! Iyak ka later ha”

Pokwang Threatens Basher on Twitter Criticizing Her for Filing Cases Against Ex-Husband Actress-comedienne Pokwang threatened a basher on Twitter criticizing her after she filed several cases against her ex-husband Lee O’Brian. Pokwang, as previously reported, filed a deportation complaint and visa cancellation against his ex-partner Lee O’Brian on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. In Intramuros, Manila, … Read more

Pokwang Daughter Malia Introduced New Daddy Named “John”

Daughter of Pokwang, Malia, Goes Viral for Introducing New Daddy Named “John” The daughter of Comedienne Pokwang, Malia, goes viral for allegedly introducing her new daddy named “John”. Pokwang couldn’t hide her amazement when Malia revealed what she thought was her new daddy. Pokwang released a video of Malia introducing her dolls to her mother … Read more