Vice Ganda Shares The “Changes” He Noticed In Vhong Navarro

Vhong Navarro gets teased by Vice Ganda who noticed this change in him.

VICE GANDA – Kapamilya host Vice Ganda teases Vhong Navarro about his changes as he is finally back on Its Showtime.

In a previous article, Kapamilya actor Vhong Navarro’s comeback to Its Showtime has made not only his co-hosts happy but also the madlang people. For several months, he’s been incarcerated for a crime he has always denied doing. The charges were filed by Deniece Cornejo.

Vhong made an emotional comeback and reunion in the noontime show. He was warmly welcomed and in the same episode, he shared his experience being inside the center. He witnessed the things he never imagined like his inmates having no family to visit them, inmates who’ve been fully abandoned by their loved ones, and people who are just like him, punished despite not committing any crime.

Since he is now back, the energy he’s been giving is also now back. He’s back to being the funny guy he used to be to entertain people.

Their connection and bonding between the hosts did not change at all. They picked up where they left off.

Vice Ganda was also even comfortable throwing jokes about his experience. For an instance, he joked about Vhong’s favorite song entitled “Kung Malaya Lang Ako”- a joke while he was still inside the jail.

And just recently, in a new episode, Vice shared something that had changed in Vhong. He teased him about the changes in his nose which brought laughter to the audience.

“Nagpagawa ka ng ilong noh? Balita ko kasi yung warden dun doktor kaya ganun…” he jokingly quipped and added, “Parang mas tumangos ang ilong mo.”

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