Paul Soriano Amid Criticisms: “I’m living my best life now”

Paul Soriano has a positive way of dealing with his critics

Award-winning director Paul Soriano said that he is living his best life amid the criticisms that he receives.

Direk Paul and his wife Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga have become topics of trending issues these past few months, especially during the election season. They are based due to their political affiliation and some statements that they made.

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Amid the bashing, the filmmaker said in an interview, based on the article in PEP, that he is willing to work with anyone despite their political colors. He is not taking these matters personally as he values talent more than the background or belief of a certain person.

When asked how he maintained being positive in spite of having a lot of bashers. Direk Paul Soriano said that it is because of his family.

Ahhh… I guess I would probably be affected if my personal life starts changing for the worse. But I really believe, I’m living my best life now. Ahh, and yeah I made some decisions that maybe some of my friends in the industry didn’t agree with,” the director said, adding that this is also the same with other people.

Photo Source: @celestinegonzaga IG

Those people also made decisions that he does not agree with. Direk Paul clarified that the feeling that he is in the best place now is not because of politics or his career.

“I’m just saying it… with my family. We’re at peace. And we choose to live at peace,” he added. He can say that whatever happened this year, if not all, majority of the people would already leave the issues behind.

Direk Paul also said that he wants to focus on “now” and for him, it is just “sayang” to let the present experiences and opportunities just pass by.

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