Paul Soriano: Toni Gonzaga Is Probably The Most Powerful Celebrity Today

Paul Soriano made this statement about his wife

Award-winning filmmaker Paul Soriano said that his wife Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga is probably the most powerful celebrity today.

Paul and Toni are among the power couples in the entertainment industry. They have established their names in their chosen fields. Paul is known for his skills in doing acclaimed films while Toni, for two decades now, has been exploring her talents in acting, singing, and hosting.

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In a recent interview, based on the article in The Philippine Star, the filmmaker made a powerful statement about his wife. Direk Paul Soriano stressed that some bashings that Toni Gonzaga has been receiving are not just from ordinary people.

“You know, honestly, outside looking in, if I can a step back and just, you know, from a perspective of not being her husband, or her producer or her director… And just outside looking in, I really believe Toni is probably the most powerful celebrity today,” he said.

He said this because of the criticisms that his wife received from equally powerful people. Direk Paul added that one cannot rattle relevant people if you are not doing something better than them.

The director also included the fact that he is the husband of the actress-host. “I’m her husband, and I’m very extremely proud of her. She’s also one of the strongest people I know, right,” Direk Paul Soriano said.

He also said that Toni is the strongest person he knows because he saw her darkest moments, and the times when she was vulnerable, however, she still chooses to face the camera and continue doing what she loves to do, and this makes her go places.

Paul also believed that his wife is one of the most heavily-criticized celebrities but she is facing whatever is thrown at her. “So I really believe she’s one of the strongest and most powerful women in the Philippines today. And she’s not stopping. So that’s quite remarkable,” the proud husband of Toni Gonzaga said.

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