Jerome Ponce to Basher Criticizing His New Role: “Hanap ka trabaho, sayang buhay”

Jerome Ponce Slams Basher Questioning His New Role in Darryl Yap’s Film

Actor Jerome Ponce slammed a basher who questioned his new role in the film of the controversial director Darryl Yap.

Darryl Yap recently announced the stars that will appear in his next movie, “Martyr or Murder,” on his Facebook page. The MoM is the follow-up to his divisive and popular movie “Maid in Malacañang.”

MiM tells the tale of the Marcos family’s final 72 hours in the Malacañang Palace before they were driven from power by the Filipino people due to his dictatorship and the imposition of martial rule. In the meantime, rumors about MoM are spreading about the late senator Ninoy Aquino and his formative years, as well as Imelda and former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

Isko “Moreno” Domagoso, a former mayor of Manila, would represent the late senator Ninoy Aquino, according to a recent Yap announcement. Yap’s second revelation is that Viva artist Marco Gumabao plays the part of “batang Macoy,” or young FEM.

According to Yap, Jerome Ponce will portray the “young” Ninoy Aquino in “Martyr or Murderer.” However, several online users disapproved of the notion that he was portraying a younger Ninoy.

One of the basher in the comment section said: “Ikaw ba ung batang Ninoy? ang laki cguro ng bigay sa talent fee mo HAHA walang wala naba kaya kapit na ky acclang Darryl.”

However, the actor fiercely replied: “hanap ka trabaho.. sayang buhay.. baka may family kang binubuhay or what.”

Jerome Ponce Role Basher

Ponce served as one of Director Atty’s key stars before “MoM.” The musical drama “Katips” on Martial Law by Vince Taada. Jerome portrayed “Greg,” a medical student and the Philippines’ National Union of Students chairman (NUSP).

Ponce’s riveting performance earned him a nomination for “best actor” at the 70th annual awards of The Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) in August.

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