Marco Gumabao to Play as Young Marcos Sr in Martyr or Murderer

Marco Gumabao will Portray the Young Ferdinand Marcos Sr in Darryl Yap’s Film

MARCO GUMABAO – The actor will portray the young version of the late Ferdinand Marcos Sr in Darryl Yap’s film Martyr o Murderer.

Darryl Yap said on social media that the actor-model will appear in the sequel to the controversial director’s smash film “Maid of Malacañang.” Yap disclosed that after the success of his first Marcos film, he will make “Martyr Or Murderer.”

Isko “Moreno” Domagoso, a former mayor of Manila, was recently declared to portray the late senator Ninoy Aquino. The role of “batang Macoy,” or teenager, is played by Viva artist Marco Gumabao, according to Yap’s next revelation.

“Batang Macoy,” Yap captioned his Facebook post this Tuesday night, November 22.

On the basis of the throwback image given by the filmmaker, many people said that the character suited Marco and that they resemble former president Marcos in his youth. Along with this, Yap said that the movie’s casting is complete.

There are those who will take on the roles of “Young Ninoy,” “Young Imelda,” and “Young Ferdinand.” In time for the anniversary of Edsa People Power in February of next year, the movie is anticipated to be released in Philippine theaters, according to Yap.

Yap recently expressed his thankfulness for the movie “Martyr or Murderer,” or MoM, currently trending on Twitter despite the script still needing some work. According to rumors, the narrative of MoM would center on former senator Ninoy Aquino and his interactions with Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, particularly the latter.

Yap also said that Imelda fell in love with Ninoy Aquino and Pete Cojuangco, the brother of his wife, former President Cory Aquino. According to claims, most people are unaware of this, which is supposed to be evident in the movie.

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