Dennis Padilla Airs Dismay to Karen Davila over Unfulfilled Interview

Dennis Padilla Airs Dismay to Unfulfilled Promise of Karen Davila

Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla airs dismay at the unfulfilled promise of ABS-CBN broadcaster Karen Davila to interview him.

The daughter of Dennis Padilla, Julia Barreto, was interviewed by news anchor Karen Davila on September 15, 2022, to get her side of the story and an explanation of her problems with her father. Karen for Julia asked the actress how she and her father Dennis are doing in the segment that aired on Karen’s YouTube vlog.

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To be completely honest, Julia said: “If I’m being completely honest, the reason we haven’t spoken is because there’s just so much fear inside of me right now. I’m just really scared because I feel like over the years, it’s been a cycle of making up and getting hurt and then making up and getting hurt again.

“You know, I kinda just want to take a breath from that cycle. And, you know, I’ve just been praying also that, I don’t know, maybe in God’s time and way that, you know, we will meet in the middle without having to get hurt again.”

Karen enquired about Julia’s forgiveness of her father as well. The actress emphasized that while they have no trouble forgiving, they struggle to forget. She continued by saying that since she was little, there had simply been so much sorrow that she had grown weary of it.

Dennis sent a message to the TV Patrol host after seeing Julia’s interview with Karen. In September 2022, Dennis told Karen through a since-deleted Instagram post that he should be interviewed as well to be fair to both parties.

Karen instantly learned of Dennis’ plea and replied to the comedian’s social media post. This is what asked Dennis when they spoke to him on November 30th, two months after the promised interview.

Dennis claims that Karen has not yet followed through on her pledge to interview him in a fair manner. Before questioning him about his post, he said Karen had called. On the other hand, Dennis said that she just said such to make himself the “kontrabida.”

According to the article, Karen did state that she would allow him for an interview. Dennis then asked Karen if it is alright for her to interview him since she is friends with Marjorie Barretto, the actor’s ex-wife.

Following his teleserye’s press conference, they made the decision to conduct the interview. Dennis was disappointed that Karen did not follow through on her commitment to interview him.

The comedian even shouted, in a gentle voice: ” Shinowbiz din niya ako! Pero kung nagkaharap kami ni Karen Davila, ako, kaya kong tumingin nang diretso sa mata niya.”

“Ang problema niya, siya ba, kaya niyang tumingin sa akin? Kahit Karen Davila ka, mangliliit ka sa akin kapag nagkita kami dahil sasabihin ko sa kanya, ‘Journalist ka, e. You have to weigh things. E, bakit ni-one side mo ako?’ he stressed.

Even more, he suggests to Karen that he would just visit her house to conduct the interview. However, Karen claimed what he said is threatening, which the comedian refuted and reprimanded her.

“Sabi ko, ‘Threatening ? Anong threatening dun? Dadalawin kita sa bahay para kausapin ka? Anong threatening dun?’ Ang OA mo! Threatening daw? Bakit sinabi ko ba na pupuntahan kita sa bahay mo tapos sasaksakin kita? Ang sabi ko, pupuntahan kita sa bahay para mainterbyu mo ako,” he said.

Dennis expressed his surprise at Karen’s response to their conversation. And as of right now, he is still waiting for the ABS-CBN news anchor to explain her broken promise.

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