Lolit Solis Admits She Almost Ended Her Life But…

Lolit Solis opened up about the dark past she went through

Veteran showbiz writer Lolit Solis admitted that she almost ended her own life but she realized one thing during the dark moment she had to go through.

Lolit is known for her straightforward personality and it is reflected in her writeups. She is not afraid to say what she wants to say and this has been the situation in her career in showbiz for many years now.

However, there was a point in her life when she almost lost her courage. She almost ended her life. This is what Lolit shared in a recent interview on her fellow showbiz reporter Aster Amoyo‘s YouTube channel.

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When you go to a certain point in life, parang there are times na there’s no more point to go on. Mabuti pa kaya matulog na lang ako forever,” Lolit Solis shared. This was during the height of the Manila Film Festival scandal in 1994.

The showbiz writer, who is also a talent manager, admitted that she orchestrated the scam so that her talent Gabby Concepcion and Ruffa Gutierrez will win Best Actor and Best Actress, respectively.

However, Lolit stopped the negative thoughts that were bothering her. Her realization that only God has the capacity to take one’s life in His preferred time, made her stop her desire to end her life.

Amid the backlash that she received during that time, Lolit did not hesitate to admit her mistake. Then, Aster asked her if that scandal made her change her perspective or her personality.

Lolit said that if ever she would go back in the past, she will still do that. “Kung maaulit uli yun, babalik sa dati, gagawin ko pa rin,” she said and laughingly added, “kasi loka-loka talaga ako.

One thing that she also realized is that she still has people who still support her no matter what.

God will help you in your obstructions. Pagkasalanan ko inaamin ko talaga. Hindi ko na realize ganun karami ang susuporta sa akin. Kahit na marami kang basher, may makukuha ka pa ring respeto,” the showbiz writer said.

She also said that her past mistakes contributed to what she is now, a wiser version of her past self.

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