Lolit Solis Admits She Almost Ended Her Life But…

lolit solis

Lolit Solis opened up about the dark past she went through Veteran showbiz writer Lolit Solis admitted that she almost ended her own life but she realized one thing during the dark moment she had to go through. Lolit is known for her straightforward personality and it is reflected in her writeups. She is not … Read more

AJ Raval Got Offended When Showbiz Writer Did This?

aj raval

AJ Raval allegedly has this reaction to what a showbiz writer did Is it true that Viva actress AJ Raval got offended when veteran showbiz writer Aster Amoyo did this to her? AJ is currently promoting her new movie Sitio Diablo with Kiko Estrada. During the media conference for this movie, the actress did avoid … Read more

John Regala: Aster Amoyo Speaks About Money Issues Donated To Actor

John Regala

Writer and talent manager Aster Amoyo speaks about John Regala condition and the money they have collected for him. JOHN REGALA – Veteran entertainment writer and talent manager Aster Amoyo finally speaks about accusations of John Regala over money matters. In a previous article, Chuckie Dreyfus and seasoned actor who currently has improving health state … Read more

John Regala: Chuckie, Nadia, and Aster To Stop Helping Actor Due To This

John Regala

Chuckie Dreyfus, Nadia Montenegro, and Aster Amoyo announces to stop helping John Regala despite condition due to this reason. JOHN REGALA – Famous personalities Chuckie Dreyfus, Nadia Montenegro, and Aster Amoyo announces to stop crowd-funding efforts for John Regala. Broadcaster Raffy Tulfo, former President Joseph Estrada, singer Rez Cortez, Senator Bong Revilla Jr., Vic. Sotto, Nadia Montenegro, Chuckie … Read more