Matteo Guidicelli On What Sarah Went Through Just To Be With Him

Here’s what Matteo Guidicelli said about his wife Sarah Geronimo.

MATTEO GUIDICELLI – Famous actor-host Matteo Guidicelli talks about his wife Sarah Geronimo and this is what he said.

It is no secret that celebrity couple Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo have had a quite controversial wedding. Their secret civil wedding happened in Taguig City on Feb. 20, 2020, without the public’s knowledge and without the Popstar’s family also knowing it.

A “Divine Intervention” happened – a term used to call the incident where Sarah’s mother intervened in the event after their wedding happened. Before tying the knot, Sarah and Matteo have been together for almost seven years.

“Sarah’s beautiful. Sarah’s amazing. She’s independent and she’s happy,” he said these words in a previous article. These are the words he would want to tell the parents of his wife.

But two years after marriage, it seems like their relationship with Sarah’s family is not ironed out yet.

Meanwhile, just recently, on national television, Matteo said something about his wife. Giving his advice to a couple who appeared in the noontime show he is in, he expressed his appreciation who went against all odds just to be with him.

“I really put so much respect to people like you that goes against all odds. This is a true example of people like you, that was so brave. I also would like to give it up to my wife who went against all odds just to be with me,” he said.

He then added that love and relationship between two individuals should be about just them. Someone’s partnership should not be accordingly about their families and of other people. What they should only have is God in between them.

The actor believes that if it’s meant to be, it will really happen. Someone will surely come into a person’s life to complete everything just like a missing puzzle to a picture.

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