Matteo Guidicelli Would Like To Say This To Parents Of Sarah Geronimo

Here’s what Matteo Guidicelli would tell Sarah’s parents about their married life now.

MATTEO GUIDICELLI – Famous actor and singer Matteo Guidicelli would want the parents of his wife Sarah Geronimo to know this.

What came out as big controversy after the supposed secret wedding of Popstar Sarah Geronimo and actor Matteo Guidicelli is  a “Divine Intervention”. It turned out that the parents of Sarah do not know that they’re marrying that day, hence, the conflict.

And now, many months after being married, it seems like for Matteo, it is the best thing that has ever happened to him. In his interview for Toni Gonzaga’s vlog, he became open about their married life and shared some discoveries about his wife.

He constantly would say that she is now free and independent and seeing her happy also makes him happy. The actor was a bit hesitant to answer questions about his relationship with his in-laws but he revealed that he’s always dreamed of being with them in a single table, eating and happily talking about anything.

Accordingly, he cannot remember anymore when was the last time he saw Sarah’s parent but he is hoping that one day, they’ll unite and for things between him and them would finally be fixed and they’ll be at peace. And if there’s anything that he wanted them to know is that they are now “extremely happy”.

He said, “Sarah’s beautiful. Sarah’s amazing. She’s independent and she’s happy.”

Also, in the interview, if he would have their wedding any other way, he would want it to be a big one with both their families present in the ceremony. He actually wanted a military wedding but Sarah just wanted something that’s private and solemn.


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