Ronnie Liang Receives Offer to Do ‘Adult Movies’, Here’s His Response

Ronnie Liang Shares How He Deals with Indecent Proposal

The Filipino singer Ronnie Liang received an indecent proposal to do ‘adult movies’, here’s the actor’s response.

Ronnie de Guzman Liang is a Filipino singer, actor, model, and influencer. He started his career as a ramp model and joined singing contests. He also joined Pinoy Dream Academy then made it to Honor’s List of Six and ended up as PDA’s second runner-up.

On Thursday (November 10, 2022), Liang admitted that he received an indecent proposal from a certain individual. The actor has shared his experience on his Facebook account.

Ronnie Liang

The Pinoy celebrity acknowledged that he was pissed off and disappointed by the offers he received on social media from some netizens. He was offered to do ‘adult movies’ but did not give further details regarding the incident.

Liang responded with a big “NO” and explained that he did not sacrifice to study just to show his private body parts to the public. The singer also mentioned his achievements not only in the showbiz industry but also as a representative of various government agencies.

Ronnie explained that he is a Christian and a follower of Christ. The latter said that everything he does is for the honor and glory of God. He prefers not to engage in such activities rather than to lose his dignity.

Ronnie Liang

Here is the full post:

I got pissed off and disappointed. I was offered and urged to do (Adult) movies… Thanks, but NO thanks po. I did not sacrifice and study hard all these years only to show my private parts in public—Nakakahiya Without trying to brag, I am already an Army Reservist Officer, a pilot, a Master’s degree holder, a Brand Ambassador of some companies, and other government agencies. Madami pa po ako pwedeng gawin at pag ginawa ko yan madaming mawawala sa akin.

Most importantly, please understand that I am a Christian and a follower of Christ. Whatever I have achieved and everything I do is for the honor and glory of God. I am not perfect, super rich, or super famous, but to me, fame and money are only temporary. Self-respect and the respect of my colleagues in and out of showbiz are forever more vital to me. Okay lang naman po kung wala akong movie or project. Sa iba nyo na lang po ibigay ang lead role na yan.

Hanggang ganito lang po ang pwede ko ipakita.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Ronnie Liang

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