Albie Casiño Reveals Recent Indecent Proposal He Received

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Albie Casiño shared the nasty message he received on Instagram Actor Albie Casiño revealed the recent indecent proposal he received from a netizen who called him a “tiny man.” Albie has his fair share of controversies in showbiz. It is known to many that the issue he had with actress Andi Eigenmann created a loud … Read more

NBI Arrest Man Over Indecent Proposal to 17-Year-Old Teenager

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NBI Arrest Man During Entrapment Operation in Bacolod City After Making Indecent Proposal to 17-Year-Old Teenager NBI Bacolod has arrested a man named John Mark Hermano over alleged indecent proposal to a 17-year-old teenager. A Facebook user named Adrian Bobe has shared the photos of John Mark Hermano after he was arrested for making an … Read more

Marco Gumabao Received Indecent Proposal & Was Offered This Amount

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Marco Gumabao admitted that he received an indecent proposal Actor Marco Gumabao revealed that he once received an indecent proposal from a gay and he was offered this amount. This kind of inappropriate offers in the entertainment industry is not new in the entertainment industry. There were quite a lot of celebrities who revealed that … Read more