Motornapper Gunned Down after Shooting Cops in Quezon City

Motornapper Killed After Shooting Cops During Apprehension in Quezon City

A motornapper was killed after being gunned down for shooting authorities during the apprehension in Quezon City.

After a shootout with members of the District Anti-Carnapping Unit (DACU) of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) in Brgy Sta Monica, Novaliches, one of the two unnamed motornappers was dead. According to the complaint, they attacked an Angkas motorcycle rider.

Motornapper Shooting Quezon City
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A black hoodie jacket, brown short pants, and tattoos of “Lito Gomez” on his right arm and “Edwin Ching” on his back were detailed for the suspect who was slain by QCPD Director, PBGEN Nicolas Torre III. His colleague, who was dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans, managed to flee, based on the report.

Ronan Lamadora Samonte, 34, an Angkas biker from Leyte who lived in Brgy San Mateo, Norzagaray, Bulacan, was named as the victim. According to PMAJ Don Don Llapitan, the head of the DACU, his soldiers were conducting an anti-crime operation when they learned that Samonte’s maroon and white SYM motorcycle had been stolen by the suspects.

The police immediately responded, along with the victim. They came upon the suspects riding the stolen motorcycle as they were traversing the section of Mindanao Avenue, Extension, Novaliches. Due to this, when the police tried to stop the suspects, they sped up instead of stopping.

The operatives pursued them as a result, eventually cornering them in the specified place. However, just as the agents were going to approach the suspects, one of them drew a revolver and fired at the officers, prompting the police to retaliate.

One of the suspects was instantly killed in the firefight. The victim’s stolen motorbike, a black Honda Click with no license plate, and a Cal. 38 pistol were all recovered at the crime site.

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