Taxi Driver Outsmarts 5 Alleged Holduppers in Baguio City

Taxi Driver Outsmarts 5 Holduppers Resulting in Arrest in Baguio City

Police authorities arrested five (5) alleged holduppers in Baguio City after the taxi driver outsmarts them from their evil plan.

Five people were detained by the Baguio City Police at a checkpoint in the said city. This came after a taxi driver outsmarted five passengers and avoided a potential robbery attempt.

Taxi Driver Holduppers Baguio

The Baguio City Police Office reports that five people got inside a cab and told the driver to take them to Camp 6 in Tuba. The unidentified driver heard one of his passengers in the back cock a rifle as they were driving down Kennon Road.

The cab driver acts instinctively, fearing that his customers will rob him. According to the taxi driver’s account, he informed the passengers that he needed to examine his tire because it appeared to be flat.

The driver secretly cast a glimpse at the suspect seated in the back while standing outside his taxi. There, he saw for himself that a passenger did indeed own a firearm, based on his story.

The cab driver immediately performed a U-turn and headed for the quarantine checkpoint border checkpoint where he asked the police officers manning the gate for assistance. His action led to the defendants’ arrests and the confiscation of a 9mm weapon.

Melvin Akisio, 18, Renzo Lucutan, 19, Jomar Domingo, 20, and two other male adolescents were among those detained. The Kennon Road Police Station (PS8) received the detained individuals and the evidence that had been seized for proper recording and disposition.

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