Kyle Echarri “Umiiwas”, Chie Filomeno Knows Why

Chie Filomeno knows why Kyle Echarri is “umiiwas”.

KYLE ECHARRI – Celebrities Chie Filomeno and Kyle Echarri have formed a close bond but suddenly, this happened.

While in the reality show Pinoy Big Brother, celebrities Chie Filomeno and Kyle Echarri became very close to each other. They were so close that some people suspected that there must be something special and romantic going on between them.

However, in a previous article, Chie shared that what she and Kyle have before is just a special bond that only they can understand. She also respected his love team back then with Francine Diaz.

But something’s changed in this special bond between the two of them. They are not as close as they were to each other. They worked together in iWant series Beach Bros but being in a single project did not bring the kind of closeness that they’ve had before.

Last May, Echarri shared that he’s blaming himself for Chie’s eviction from PBB over their apparent closeness since, at that time, he was still paired with Francine. He blamed himself and decided to eventually distance himself from her.

And Chie, in an interview with PEP, expressed sadness about this. She knew why the actor is avoiding her. She respects the decision but she just can’t help but be sad about it. She said, “Pero ayun, medyo naging sad lang. Pero kasi, for me, friendship is more important than anything.”

The friendship remained but now, there’s this “ilangan” and “ilagan” between them.

In the same interview, the actress shared that being single is more of a personal choice for her. She wanted to focus on herself, her family, and her future family. She wanted to focus on her career and she’s grateful for the opportunities her home network is giving her.


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