Dimples Romana as Daniela Reacts On Francine’s School Photos

Dimples Romana and Francine Diaz

These are the funny comments of Dimples Romana to the photos of Francine Diaz being in school. DIMPLES ROMANA – Francine Diaz attends face-to-face classes and actress Dimples Romana unleashes her Daniela personality in these comments. Defunct ABS-CBN’s afternoon drama Kadenang Ginto starred Beauty Gonzalez (Romina Mondragon) and Dimples Romana (Daniela) along with Andrea Brillantes (Marga) and Francine … Read more

Francine Diaz Shares What Can Make Her Like Seth Fedelin

Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin

There’s a possibility for Francine Diaz to actually like Seth Fedelin in the real life. FRANCINE DIAZ – Kapamilya actress Francine Diaz shares she can like Seth Fedelin on a romantic level and this would probably be the reason. Among the fast-rising and most in-demand young actresses of ABS-CBN is the 18-year-old star Francine Diaz. She … Read more

Kyle Echarri “Umiiwas”, Chie Filomeno Knows Why

Chie Filomeno and Kyle Echarri

Chie Filomeno knows why Kyle Echarri is “umiiwas”. KYLE ECHARRI – Celebrities Chie Filomeno and Kyle Echarri have formed a close bond but suddenly, this happened. While in the reality show Pinoy Big Brother, celebrities Chie Filomeno and Kyle Echarri became very close to each other. They were so close that some people suspected that … Read more

Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin Love Team, Kyle Echarri Reacts

Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin

Kyle Echarri has this comment about the love team of Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin. FRANCINE DIAZ AND SETH FEDELIN – Kapamilya stars Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin are the newest love team and here’s Kyle Echarri’s reaction. Kapamilya teen stars Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin previously have different love teams. Formerly, they were paired with … Read more

Francine Diaz Talks About Her Dating Life, Ideal Man

francine diaz

Francine Diaz opens up about her love life Kapamilya actress Francine Diaz talked about her dating life and the quality she wants her ideal man to have. Francine is among the most in-demand young actresses of ABS-CBN. The 18-year-old star has recently ventured into vlogging and her YouTube channel now almost has 2 million subscribers, … Read more

VIDEO: Seth Fedelin Buys His Father A Farm

Seth Fedelin 5

Seth Fedelin Buys Farm For Dad SETH FEDELIN – Kapamilya actor and dancer Seth Fedelin revealed he bought a farm for his dad. Seth Fedelin is a Pinoy actor, dancer, and model. His career in the entertainment industry kick-started after joining Kapamilya’s reality tv show Pinoy Big Brother (PBB). Fedelin is known for playing Michael … Read more

Francine Diaz Walks Out After Cruel Prank By Wil Dasovich

Francine Diaz, Wil Dasovich 1

Wil Dasovich Successfully Pranks Francine Diaz FRANCINE DIAZ – Kapamilya actress Francine Diaz walked out while shooting a Youtube vlog with multi-award-winning Youtuber and influencer Wil Dasovich. Francine Diaz is known for playing Cassandra “Cassie” Mondragon in Kapamilya’s hit afternoon drama ‘Kadenang Ginto.’ She starred alongside Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin, and Kyle Echarri. After the … Read more

Andrea Brillantes Shares Her “Saloobin” To FranSeth Love Team

Andrea Brillantes

This is the “saloobin” of Andrea Brillantes to the new Kapamilya love team “FranSeth”. ANDREA BRILLANTES – These are the thoughts of Andrea Brillantes about the love team of Seth Fedelin and Francine Diaz. Kapamilya stars Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes are promising young stars who are used to being a love team. They were … Read more