Anne Curtis Cries On Live TV When Asked By This Question

This is the reason why Anne Curtis became emotional in Its Showtime.

ANNE CURTIS – Mother and actress Anne Curtis gets emotional in Its Showtime live when she was asked about this.

Being a mother hits differently. It entirely changes the life of a woman engaging her to a commitment of a lifetime and making her love in unspeakable depth. And motherhood seemingly suited Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis well.

She is a mother to Dahlia, a two-year-old girl and an absolute social media darling. Due to the lockdown, the actress was able to spend more time with her daughter and she is grateful for this. This was the positive side of lockdowns for her. Despite not being able to go out and go to work, she got the chance to spend most of her time being a wife and a mother.

In a previous article, the actress shared that motherhood has brought a lot of changes in her life – positive changes. Being Dahlia’s mother took her away from her old life. She learned to live a slow-paced life. And this role is fulfilling.

And in the recent episode of Its Showtime, she suddenly went emotional when a certain question popped during an episode. The question asked was who gets to suffer more pain when apart – the child or the mother.

Being a mother herself, Anne teared up indicating the pain she felt by the mere mention of the situation. She cannot imagine being away from her daughter but she is also well aware that a time will come they would have to let her go to let her spread her wings and fly.

For now, she will just enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Watch the video below:


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