Maid in Malacañang Movie: MTRCB Chair’s Explanation

Maid in Malacañang movie is not a documentary

Maid in Malacañang Movie – Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) chair Lala Sotto has this statement on the controversial movie by director-writer Darryl Yap.

The said movie that showcases the side of the Marcoses before they were forced to leave the Palace was released in cinemas nationwide on August 3. Apparently, this has received positive feedback from moviegoers as Direk Darryl has shared the earnings that the movie got after two days.

Maid in Malacañang Movie
📷: Darryl’s Facebook Page

However, there were still negative reactions being shared online, especially since the movie by Direk Vince Tanada titled Katips was also released on the same day. It was intended to be the “katapat” of the Maid in Malacañang movie.

In a report from Manila Bulletin, MTRCB chair Lala Sotto released a statement concerning this movie under Viva Films on Thursday, a day after the nationwide release of the movie. It is known to many that MiM was accused of trying to revise history and change the image of the Marcoses.

“A PG classification means that a motion picture may contain themes that require parental supervision and guidance,” the statement explained as the agency confirmed that it has reviewed the movie. MTRCB also stressed that the movie is about the last 72 hours of the Marcos family in the Palace in 1986. It also pointed out that MiM “does not purport to be a documentary.”

mtrcb lala sotto
📷: 24 Oras YT

To recall, following the premiere night, a new teaser was released and it has become controversial. It showed a clip in which the character of “Cory” was calling the Americans and demanded them to get the Marcoses out of the Philippines.

The more controversial part was when “Cory” was seen playing mahjong with the nuns. However, Ballsy Aquino, the daughter of former President Aquino said that her mother stopped playing mahjong in 1985 to debunk the claim that was made in the Maid in Malacañang movie.

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