Angeline Quinto Pulls Off Prank To Partner, This Is His Reaction

This is how the partner of Angeline Quinto reacted to her prank.

ANGELINE QUINTO – Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto is about to give birth anytime soon but did this prank first to her partner.

In a previous article, Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto shared what her partner looks like after some time of being so private about him and their relationship. They are expecting a baby boy and at any time now, the actress will be giving birth.

In her latest, just before that day comes, she decided to get playful with the father of her child. While they were out to buy some things and she was left alone to do some workouts, she poured water on her pajamas to make it look like she broke her water. The water breaking is typically happening before labor when the membranes of a pregnant ruptured.

Sending off the three people she was with in distress and in panic, she let them be fussed up. Her yaya was calling her manager to inform her situation while her partner, in utmost calmness but still with quick movements, seemed to want to do anything all at once.

He comforted her, got the car keys, fixed the things they need for the hospital, and turned back to her again to do gentle circles in her stomach as if it can ease her “pain”.

Watch the vlog below:

About her partner, the singer shared that she met him through common friends. She revealed in her narrative where she finally opened up about him, “’Yung boyfriend ng kaibigan ko, ’yun ang kaibigan niya. One time, nagkayayaan lumabas. Doon kami first time na nagkita hanggang sa nagtuloy-tuloy.”

She admitted that he is younger than her but what they have been through seemed like enough for her already to call him her true love.


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