1 US Dollar To Peso Exchange Rates History

List of US Dollar To Peso Exchange Rates

1 US DOLLAR TO PESO – Here is a list of the exchange rates between the United States Dollar and the Philippine Peso.

Many Filipinos are either living abroad for good or working in a foreign country in the pursuit to give their families better and more comfortable lives. Pinoys are scattered across the globe and it is impossible not to meet one in every country.

Out of the many countries outside the Philippines, the United States is undeniably one of the nations that a lot of Filipinos are looking forward to visiting or working at. In the case of the latter, the exchange rates or the conversion of 1 US Dollar to Peso is usually higher compared to the exchange rate of the Philippine Peso and other currencies.

Today: USD to PHP Exchange Rate Today, Thursday, April 18, 2024

Are you one of those who are working in the United States or are you the receiver of the remittance on the other end? Regardless of whether you are the sender or the receiver, surely, the exchange rate between the United States Dollar and the Philippine Peso is a thing to you.

1 US Dollar To Peso
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The amount you can get as the exchange of 1 US Dollar to Peso may vary daily. There are times that the US Dollar is too high while the Philippine Peso is dropping low. Many Filipinos get a bigger remittance if the exchange rate does not fall below Php 50.00.

In the case of other people, they would wait for the perfect timing when they can get a bigger amount after converting their US Dollars to Philippine Peso. Here is a tally of the equivalent of 1 US Dollar to Peso based on the exchange rates in the Philippines:

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