BFP Spokesperson Advises Public to Put LPG Tank Outside House To Avoid Fire Incidents

BFP Spokesperson Advises Public to Put LPG Tank Outside House To Avoid Fire Incidents

BFP Spokesperson has advised the public to place LPG tanks outside our homes to avoid fire incidents.

March has been declared as the fire prevention month because of the alarming increase of fire incidents happening across the country during this particular period. The government also advised the public to take precautionary measures at all times.

BFP spokesperson Supt. Annalee Carajal-Atienza reported that over 2, 147 fire incidents have been recorded from January 1 to March 3, 2022 which is quite higher compared to 1, 933 last 2021. She said that it is 10.5 percent higher compared to last year.

BFP Spokesperson

The BFP official said that electrical ignition or faulty wiring is one of the most common causes of fire incidents in the country.  She announced that usage of octopus connection remains prohibited because it may cause overloading.

Atienza also advised the Filipino people to place LPG tanks outside houses to prevent fire. Atienza reported that open flame in cooking becomes the third major reason of fire incidents in the Philippines.

“Hanggat maaari ang LPG natin ay nasa labas ng bahay. Kung kaya po nating gawan ng set-up na ganoon, may hose lang papunta doon sa ating kalan,” Atienza said.

The official said that the public should not leave their meals during cooking unattended. LPG tanks should switched off when not in use to avoid any unfortunate incidents. The public are also advised to regularly check the hoses for leak.

The personnel shared a tips on how to check a hose with leak. Applying liquid soap to the hose can be use for leak testing.

“Kumuha lang po tayo ng sponge or yung kamay natin, lagyan natin ng sabon, ano po ng pag-dishwashing, tapos siya po nating ihagod doon sa hose ng ating tangke, ng LPG. Pag may bumula po ibig sabihin may sumisingaw.” The BFP personal explained.

BFP Spokesperson

LPG tank owners should contact their suppliers if ever there is a leak.

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