Chinese Man Faces Jail Time After Burning Internet Cables Over Slow Connection

Chinese man has been sentenced of seven-year imprisonment after setting a ‘slow’ internet cable on fire due to frustration.

Over the past few years, Poor network signal has been one of the major problems in the country over the past few years. A lot of students are complaining regarding the poor and slow internet connection in the country, which affects their online classes.

A man in China identified with a surnamed Lan got frustrated due to slow internet connection at an internet cafe in southern Guangxi province last June 2021. He got enraged and ended up destroying the public box.

Chinese Man

The public box contains the optical fiber network cables and used a lighter to light a napkin. He burned the telecommunications box at a traffic intersection out of his frustration and disappointment.

“The man used a lighter to set a napkin he had on him on fire, then burned down a telecommunications box at a traffic intersection,” the court said.

The incident causes an internet outage in the area for 28 to 50 hours. Over 4,000 households and offices, including a public hospital lost internet access due to the unexpected incident.

Chinese Man

“After the incident, public security officials seized Lan’s instrument of crime—a lighter,” the court in Cenxi, a small mountain city said.

The Court sentenced Lan with a seven-year jail term for “destroying public telecommunications facilities.” The story garnered various reactions from Chinese netizens who even called the suspect “big baby”.

The netizens expressed their reactions to the post:

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