Vanessa Raval Breaks Silence After Controversial Video Circulates Online

Vanessa Raval Reveals Truth Behind Controversial Video Circulating Online

Vanessa Raval finally breaks her silence after her controversial video circulates online and elicits reactions from the social media users.

Over the past few days, Vanessa Raval becomes one of the most controversial and discussed personalities online after her controversial video spread like a wildfire online. The video accidentally leaked and caught the attention of netizens.

The video shows Raval touching the private parts of her body while moaning, which was sent to her boyfriend. The issue makes Vanessa reveal the truth behind the controversial, which is currently circulating in various social media platforms.

Vanessa Raval

The female celebrity admitted that she is the woman in the viral video and explained that she sent the video to her boyfriend. The young lady explained that she just want to make her boyfriend happy during that time.

However, a hacker reportedly changed the password of her social media account and uploaded her private video online. The footage quickly spread online after some individuals recorded it.

The lady celebrity sees nothing wrong with it but she was just worrying about her family who will be affected by the issue. She also thanked her fans and supporters who still believes her amid the controversy.

Vanessa is the daughter of the Pinoy action star Jeric Raval and the sister of Pinay actress AJ Raval. She is a popular model and social media influencer.

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Vanessa Raval

The social media users expressed their reactions to her statement:

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