Teenager Arrested for Taping Fresh Fish Onto ATM Screens


Authorities have arrested a teenager for taping fresh fish onto the screens of automated teller machines. An Instagram account named @fish_bandit84 shared photos of the humorous crime committed by the mischievous teenager. Provo Police Department in Utah recorded approximately 13 incidents of fish being taped onto ATMs.

Police Arrest Teenager for Taping Fresh Fish on ATMs


Police Authorities Arrest Male Teenager for Taping Fresh Fish on Screens of ATMs The police authorities arrest a male teenager for taping fresh fish onto the screens of automated teller machines (ATMs). A teenager has been apprehended for taping fresh fish onto the screens of automated teller machines. The incident immediately spread like wildfire on … Read more

Police Arrest Cellphone Snatcher Through GPS Tracker

Cellphone Snatcher

ROBBERY – The police authorities arrested a cellphone snatcher in Tondo, Manila, with the help of a GPS tracker. Raxabago Police Station Chief of the Investigation and Intelligence Section, Police Captain Jayson Viola, reported that the suspect forcibly took a teacher’s cellphone while casually walking home.

Cellphone Snatcher Arrested Through GPS Tracker

Cellphone Snatcher

Cellphone Snatcher in Tondo, Manila Arrested By Cops w/ Help of GPS Tracker A cellphone snatcher involved in snatching a teacher’s cellphone was arrested in Tondo, Manila with the help of a GPS tracker. The incident took place near the intersection of Juan Luna Street and Cavite Street around 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday (January 3, … Read more

Police Arrest Man Involved in Hostage Situation in Pasay


The police successfully arrested a man involved in a hostage-taking situation in Pasay City, rescuing the call center agent victim. The suspect had taken a call center agent hostage, feeling ignored when seeking assistance from the police. Fortunately, community members intervened and subdued the suspect, bringing an end to the hostage situation.

Security Guard Dies After Entangled in Confrontation Between Cops & Traffic Violator

Security Guard

Security Guard Lost His Life After Entangled in Shooting Incident Between Police and Motorcycle Rider A security guard lost his life after becoming entangled in an intense confrontation between the police and a motorcycle rider. The unfortunate incident took place in the streets of Caloocan, where police officers were conducting a routine checkpoint operation along … Read more

Robin Padilla Files Bill to Sentence Liar Police, Soldiers 20 Years in Prison

Robin Padilla Wants Liar Police, Soldiers to be Imprisoned for 20 Years Senator Robin Padilla pushes a bill to sentence liar police officials and soldiers to be imprisoned for 20 years. Senator Robin Padilla introduced legislation that would impose a 20-year prison sentence on military and uniformed people (MUPs) who lie during a congressional probe. … Read more