Outnumbered, PBB housemate Eian Rances is emotional over unfairness in the grouping of the members.

EIAN RANCES – Pinoy Big Brother housemates are divided into two and Eian Rances gets frustrated over how they were grouped.

The Blue Team for this week’s wooden tower task, composed of Eian Rances, TJ Valderrama, Alyssa Valdez, Alexa Ilacad, Karen Bordador, and Jordan Andrews are not just outnumbered but also low-spirited because of their obvious disadvantage. On the other team, the Yellow Team, the members are Samantha Bernardo, Benedix Ramos, KD Estrada, Madam Inutz, Shanaia Gomez, and Brenda MageAnji Salvacion.

PBB Kumu Eian Rances

The Yellow Team, at the first challenge, has already had the advantage of having the most number of blocks picked from the people. In the second challenge, the Yellow Team won again which gave them another prize to have more blocks which they will use to create a tower. For this week, the group that will win will automatically have an immunity for the nomination.

An Eian, being included in a team that’s outnumbered, was frustrated and emotional about it. He cannot accept it because he felt like the grouping was done unfairly by HOH Anji. And the people who are watching the reality show could not help but feel dismayed about his reaction. They understand that he’s out of his comfort zone as he was set away from the housemates he’s closest with but in the competition, he must be sports enough to accept results and circumstances.

Netizens believe that instead of crying and being emotional, he could’ve thought of something that will make or help their team do better considering their situation being at an advantage. Viewers also did not like the energy he and Jordan are giving to the group. From the looks of it, they look like playing half-heartedly. To some people, their actions are so sensitive because it’s as if the feelings and efforts of their teammates to win are being invalidated by them.

Here are some comments:

It’s not about kung sinong ka group mo. It’s about the teamwork, effort, and strategies. Kaya don’t blame anybody

Ang totoong big winner ay hindi dinedepende sa iba ang kapalaran niya. Hindi nawawalan ng pag-asa dahil hindi niya gaano kalapit ang kasama.

Eian, dto masusukat ang determinasyon ng bawat isa. Kahit saang grupo man belong, mas marami man o hindi, nakasalalay pa rin sa sarili kung paano ipaglalaban ang bawat task.

What a selfish statement. “Ok lang mahirapan pero sana masaya ako”.


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