Netizens react over the nomination of TJ Valderrama for this week and the other nominated housemates.

TJ VALDERRAMA – PBB celebrity housemate TJ Valderrama is nominated and here are the other housemates nominated this week.

Ever since, netizens have already noticed the authority TJ Valderrama is imposing inside the house being one of the oldest housemates. Also, in a previous article, he has an issue about being extra touchy towards a female housemate but since the housemates don’t know about this, they were not able to address such an issue.

TJ Valderrama

Also, people did not like how he manipulated other younger housemates through his pieces of advice. Netizens also noticed that he’s game playing the superior one among them. And this week, with some of them already noticing this, he got nominated.

TJ got nominated by housemates Benedix because his “pambabara” or ‘banters are sometimes out of place, Eian because he’s acting like the superior inside the house, and Sam because he accordingly chooses the people he wants to talk or have an interaction with. The three of them gave TJ points to put him on the edge to eviction by nominating him.

For this, four housemates have been included in the list of nominations and they are Sam, Karen, and Alexa. The latest evictee is Kyle Echarri.

Watch the nomination below:

And here are the reactions of the people from the post:

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! BBE TJ!!!!!!

Can’t wait for Toni to say “I’m sorry Tj, you have just been evicted from the Big Brother House.” HAHAHA.

Natawa ako sa reaction ni Tj feeling perfect ih (laughing emoji) May one week pa si TJ baka mag bago pa yan HAHAHA

all of their reasons to this nominations are so unpredictable.

Consistent talaga si Brenda sa pag nominate kay Alexa


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