Counter-flowing Tricycle Driver Amid Traffic Congestion Elicits Comments from Netizens

The video footage of a counter-flowing tricycle driver amid the long queue of traffic congestion goes viral after it was posted online.

The Philippine government is implementing stricter traffic rules and regulations along the road with the aim to address the worsening traffic problems in the country. The traffic congestion causes inconvenience to the Filipino drivers and passengers.

Unfortunately, there are still some motorists who continue to violate the traffic policy. Violation of traffic policy could lead to altercation and accidents. Violators will face corresponding sanctions and penalties.

Counter-flowing Tricycle Driver

The Facebook page “DashCam Philippines” has shared the video footage of a counter-flowing tricycle driver along the road. The video is now circulating online and elicits comments from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that a vehicle driver is slowly driving in the middle of the road when a tricycle driver suddenly counter-flowed to avoid the long-queue of vehicles stuck in traffic during rush-hour.

The vehicle driver tried to avoid the tricycle but there is another car beside him. The driver had no choice but to blow his horn to force the trike driver to return to its respective lane. The trike driver clearly violated the traffic rules and regulations.

The tricycle driver quickly grabbed his throttle and recklessly drive its sidecar. However, the latter’s reckless action may cause an accident along the road.

The video has a caption of:

Kargado ata ang tricycle ni manong

The netizens expressed their reactions to the video:

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