VIDEO: Toyota Prado Counterflowing On EDSA Sparked Outcry From Netizens

Toyota Prado Counterflowing On EDSA Sparked Outcry From Netizens

TOYOTA PRADO – A video where a Toyota Prado counterflowing on EDSA went viral on social media and sparked netizens’ action.

A netizen named Elbert Cuenca posted video in a Facebook page named “Dash Cam Diaries Philippines”. The video is recorded from his dash cam. According to Elbert, the aforementioned vehicle exited the Amorsolo gate of Dasmariñas Village in Makati.

The Prado,with the plate number “LUT-111” then counter flowed on EDSA in order to get to its destination, which is Ecology Village.

The video showed that as the netizen reaches the aforementioned gate, it encountered the Prado right in front of him. The Prado then tried to navigate its way out of the one-way lane.

Here is the video on Facebook:

Facebook: /elbertcuenca

The post from the page gained at about 227 reactions, mostly angry, hahas, and likes; 173 shares and 14K views. Here are some of the following comments:

“Report this to LTO. The driver/owner should be summoned by LTO for complete disregard of traffic rules and regulations. It also endangers fellow motorists.”

Edgar Victor Esteban on Facebook

“The fact that people let them in is half the problem, I would have stood my ground and made them reverse all the way back up the road”

Shannon Duffy on Facebook

“Nagkataon mabait ang kasalubong.. kung si doc mendez yan yari nanaman😅”

Jeffrey Camus on Facebook

“It is not the driver’s fault if he’s not into road rage, stupids. Simple gesture of letting the other driver know that he’s at fault is already enough. No need to bring out the Andress Bonifacio in us all the time. Mababaril ka lang ng wala sa oras kung laging ganyan mindset mo.”

Mic Gonzaga on Facebook

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