Pharmally Execs Luxury Cars Questioned After “Timely” Purchases

Gordon Questions Purchase Of Luxury Cars By Pharmally Execs

LUXURY CARS – Senator Richard Gordon questioned Pharmally execs purchases of luxury cars following their secured contract with the government.

During the blue ribbon committee probe on the government’s alleged overpriced pandemic purchases, Gordon showed slides of several luxury cars. According to him, the cars belonged to high-ranking Pharmally officials.

Furthermore, he cited that the vehicles were purchases mere months after the Pharmally bagged P8.6 billion worth of government contracts. Here are the purchases made by the execs based on data from the Land Transportation Office (LTO):

  • Pharmally Treasurer Mohit Dargani – Porsche 911 Turbo S (P.8.5 million) Purchased: May 7, 2021
  • Twinkle Dargani – Lamborghini Urus (P13 million)
  • Pharmally Direcotr Linconn Ong – Porsche Carrera 4s (P13.5 million)
Gordon questions luxury cars allegedly owned by Pharmally execs

Gordon questions luxury cars allegedly owned by Pharmally execs
Gordon questions luxury cars allegedly owned by Pharmally execs

Additionally, Gordon noted that Ong also has a P5.9 million Lexus RCF under his name. “Talagang nagpapasasa itong mga taong ito, ‘di umano, lumalabas“, the Senator said.

Eventually, the probe led to the execs admitting that they had loaned money from Michael Yang, President Duterte’s former adviser, to help them fulfill the government’s orders. However, Yang stressed that he had no connections with Pharmally.

Instead, Yang stated that he simply introduced Pharmally to his Chinese contacts that could provide them with the products the government needed.

But, following this revelation, the Senators said that this was a clear indication that the company had no financial capacity to be given the government contract in the first place.

Meanwhile, Pharmally chairman and president Huang Tzu Yen denied allegations that they were given favors in the government’s procurement of medical supplies. Moreover, he said that his firm had been “unfairly prejudged”.

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