K Brosas Daughter Moves In w/ GF, Comedienne Supports Her Decision

Daughter of K Brosas shares that her mother is supportive of her decision to move in with her partner.

K BROSAS – Singer and comedienne K Brosas, supports her daughter in her decision to finally live with her partner on a single roof.

Crystal Brosas is the daughter of a famous singer and comedienne K Brosas. She was 22 when she came into her life but the father of her child, since the beginning, did not want what has happened. She decided to go on with her life and raise her daughter alone without asking anything from her father.


She is also musically inclined like her. But in a previous article, her daughter made some revelations to her last year during her birthday. She came out of the closet where she’s been hiding for years and being the loving mother, K did not show any violent reactions. Her unconditional stood above her daughter’s chosen identity and she is proud of her.

And now, a year after her coming out, unconditional as ever, K showed her utmost trust and support when Crystal and her girlfriend decided to finally live together. Crystal actively shares snippets of their life together and the “family” they are building with their dog. Accordingly, it’s their ultimate dream since they got together to live on a single roof.


In a message for her mother, she knows it’s hard for her to let her go but she chose the peaceful way by guiding them in their phase of independence and adulting. She wrote, “Mommy, I know it wasn’t easy for you, especially we are in the middle of the pandemic. But always know I never left. We may not be living together anymore, but you are always living through me.”

She assured her that they may be far away from each other now but a portion of her will always be with her.

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