K Brosas daughter Crystal makes big revelations on comedienne’s birthday

The daughter of K Brosas has this revelation

Crystal Brosas, the daughter of comedienne K Brosas made this big revelation to the public on the latter’s birthday.

K shared a 10-minute video on her Instagram TV with her daughter. In the video, the comedienne expressed that she already know this aspect in her daughter’s life.

k brosas crystal brosas
📷: @kbrosas IG

She was emotional but still, her comic side was there as she proudly said that her daughter belongs to the LGBT community. K said that they are not minding the bashing because she knows how her daughter tried to hide what she really is.

In Crystal’s Instagram post, she shared how she tried to control this. “Being in the closet for years was hard. There were lots of struggles, challenges, and pain that molded me into the person I am now,” she said.

k brosas crystal brosas
📷: @kbrosas IG

This hiding reached to the point that she tried to be in a relationship with “boys” but that did not work out. She shared that in 2017, she finally opened up to K Brosas her true gender preference.

However, K, as a mother, has long been known this about her daughter. “And now, I can proudly say that I’m a LESBIAN. Along with this, I will use my voice for the unheard in the LGBT community,” Crystal said. She is also thankful that her mother whole-heartedly accepted her.


For K Brosas, parents should hear what their children have to say. She also called to those who can’t accept that their child is a gay or lesbian. “Maawa naman kayo sa mga anak niyo, anak niyo ‘yan eh,” she said.

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The comedienne also stressed that she does not care if other people will degrade her daughter because she knows how talented Crystal is. Watch the full video.


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