Boy Abunda Admits He Was Bullying Himself, Here’s Why

Boy Abunda shared how he was during his college days

King of Talk Boy Abunda admitted that he used to bully himself during his college days and here is the reason behind this.

Tito Boy is the guest of TV host Bianca Gonzalez in the recent episode of her Legends Only series on her YouTube channel. Throughout his career as a host, he has already become one of the pillars of the industry when it comes to hosting and interviewing.

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However, back to the time when he was studying at the Ateneo de Manila University, Tito Boy revealed that he was not able to bring the confidence she had from Borongan, Samar where he joined spelling and declamation competitions.

“I was so insecure when I came to Manila. I was so insecure about my accent, I was so insecure about how I looked, I was so insecure because I wanted to be conyo, I wanted to get the ‘arrneow accent’,” Boy Abunda admitted.

He also shared that coming from the province, he wanted to blend but while doing this effort, he stood out. The veteran host said that he would imitate how his schoolmates dressed up and how they talked.

I didn’t want to be different, because I didn’t want to punish myself,” he said adding that during her late teen years, just like others, he wanted to belong.

The King of Talk stressed that no one was pressuring him at that time and he was not bullied by anybody in school. However, he was the one who was bullying himself back then.

“I was bullying myself because I wanted to be like them, I wanted to sound like them,” Boy Abunda said. The TV host also shared that it was not easy for him to walk down the administration building to the gate where he would ride a tricycle going home when all other students were fetched by cars.

I was bullying myself because I didn’t know better. I wanted to blend in and by blending in, I think I stood out because I could not,” Tito Boy said.

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