Jamill House & Car For Sale? Posts About This Go Viral Online

Is it true that the Jamill house and their Wrangler are put on sale?

JAMILL HOUSE – Following the deletion of the Youtube channel, posts about the house and the car of Jamill put on sale became viral online.

In a previous article, people were left baffled after the YouTube channel of Jamill with over 12 million subscribers got deleted. In an official announcement, they confirmed that they have indeed deleted their channel and it is for the sake of their relationship. What they did is for them to save their relationship and fulfill their desire to get back the private life they have enjoyed before.


Jamill is short for the names of vlogger couple Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad. Their channel is among the top channels in the country and they are also among the top earners when it comes to doing vlogging. The deletion of their channel was prompted after the multiple affairs of Jayzam have been found out. Also, the pressures, demands, and expectations from the online have taken a toll on them.

And now, after the deletion of their channel, controversies arise. Speculations online said that this could be their tactic to avoid paying their taxes. The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) previously said that they will run after a vlogger couple who delete their channel. Accordingly, this certain couple has earned Php 50 to Php 100 million through vlogging.


Following these controversies, what has gotten viral online are the posts online about the selling of their mansion and Jeep Wrangler. Because of vlogging, Jamill was able to acquire several properties, buy cars, and invest in a milk tea business. Their Jamansion was situated in a wide lot with a swimming pool. They also own three cars – one of which is the Wrangler.

In the posts, it’s been said that the Wrangler has been sold already while the house was still on sale. People online debate as to what could be the reason behind this – if are they really separated or just evading tax obligations.

Check out below:

Jamill House


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