Jamill YouTube Channel Is Deleted, Camille Says It’s For The Better

For a better and simple life, the Jamill YouTube channel is deleted and it’s a mutual decision from Jamill.

JAMILL YOUTUBE – Camille and Jayzam said that taking down their channel is for the better of their relationship, the couple asks for respect.

In a previous article, people online were left baffled after seeing that the channel of Jamill became unavailable. Every search attempt would result in “This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account.”

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And finally, after waking up as a trending topic online, the couple vlogger finally spoke and confirmed that they have deleted their channel. Some netizens think that this could be just another prank or a marketing strategy but in a recent video, they bid their goodbye to Youtube. With respect to the people who have been with them in their journey, they shared the reason and they revealed that the decision was made for their relationship.

They expressed that many people accused them of just sticking together for the sake of their channel and money-making. Their system absorbed this accusation and once doubted themselves if they were really just doing it for the sake of vlogging but they prove to themselves that they are not and that they are for real when they took down their channel.


In a recent video they uploaded online, Jayzam shared that they attempted to recover their channel but they failed. They cannot have it back again. They were emotional as they have also let go of the memories they shared but for their future together and aiming for a much healthier relationship now, they embraced this new chapter in their lives together. Jamill has signed off.

Camille said on Twitter, “Yes deleted na po ang channel. Di naman natin ma-pplease lahat ng tao na sabihing pa issue lang ito or what. Its about our relationship, mas pinili namin mas maging okay ang relationship namin. I hope na irespeto nalang Thankyou.”

They’ve asked for respect and understanding over their decision. They are grateful for all the things that have happened in their lives but they see that social media has been eating them up and consuming their lives. They felt that it’s now time for them to work on their personal lives and their relationship because they wanted to end up together. They really wanted “forever”.

On their Facebook page, they expressed, “Deleted Na Talaga YT namin. Hindi Joke o Prank o Kung ano.”

This time, their priority is themselves. They want a simple and low-key life. They are grateful to YouTube and to all of their supporters. And although they don’t have their channel anymore, they assured the people who will remain supporting them that they will still give updates through other online platforms based on what they said in their last video.

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