Former High Ranking Official of Afghanistan Becomes Food Delivery in Germany

Former Afghan High Ranking Official Becomes Food Delivery in Germany

A former high-ranking official of Afghanistan becomes a food delivery rider in Germany to live a happy and peaceful life.

The former communications minister of Afghanistan Sayed Sadaat left Afghanistan in December 2020 and searched for a country wherein he could live at peace. He is hoping to find a stable job related to his course IT and Telecom.

The 49-year-old man went to the eastern city of Leipzig and started to work as a delivery biker. The latter said that some people criticized him for taking such a job although he was a former minister in his country.

Former High Ranking Official

Sayed served as a communications minister in the Afghan government before leaving his office in 2018. The former official quit from his position due to disagreements with members of the president’s circle.

The Afghan dual citizen is proud of his current job as a food delivery biker wearing his orange uniform. He is hoping that other Afghan politicians would also follow the same path to work with the public.

“My soul is happy and I have nothing to be feeling guilty – so I am doing an ordinary job and I hope other politicians also follow the same way to work with the public rather than just keeping hiding,” Sadaat said.

Sadaat’s story circulates online after Taliban takes over the Afghan government. His relatives and friends also want to leave the country. They are hoping to avail evacuation flights. He also shared that his countrymen were sick and tired of the chaos.

Former High Ranking Official

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