Afghanistan Taliban Invades Social Media Despite Bans by the Platforms

Afghanistan Taliban Ban by Social Media Platforms Over Their Propaganda

TALIBAN SOCIAL MEDIA – Afghanistan terrorists invade social media platforms despite being banned on the group by the sites.

Despite the fact that certain social media giants have banned accounts tied to extremism and terrorist organizations, the Taliban continues to use the sites. This comes after Taliban representatives were still able to use the stated social media network to make numerous public pronouncements.

Taliban Social Media

According to the study, more than 100 new official or pro-Taliban Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter profiles and pages have appeared. Suhail Shaheen, the group’s spokeswoman to the international media, mentioned dispelling public confusion regarding Afghans’ hardship in multiple tweets.

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Shaheen also used Twitter to warn Taliban soldiers against breaking into people’s houses and engaging in unethical behavior. Some charges against the terror group, such as the forced marriage of females, have been labeled “poisonous misinformation” by the Taliban.

According to several online media experts, Twitter does not have a clear policy prohibiting Taliban members from creating and utilizing accounts. Twitter, on the other hand, did not react to a request for comment after announcing this week that it outlaws the celebration of violence on its site.

Five films were published to the group’s official YouTube page by a spokesman. The films showed Taliban officials praising militants on their victory and lasted between two and three minutes each.

The Taliban disregarded the companies’ long-standing sanctions by publishing on Facebook and YouTube. Following government standards, social media companies have mostly branded the Taliban as a terrorist group and do not allow Taliban propaganda on their platforms.

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