Murder Suspect Flees To Afghanistan, Now Begging To Come Home

Murder Suspect Who Flees To Afghanistan Now Begs To Return Home

MURDER SUSPECT FLEES TO AFGHANISTAN – An Australian man named Saied Hussaini was tagged as a murder suspect back in 2017.

However, instead of facing authorities, he escaped the country from Pert, Australia, and flew to Afghanistan using his brother’s passport. Since then, the suspect has been on the down-low.

Unfortunately, as the Taliban continues to occupy key areas of Afghanistan, the suspect is now begging for help to return home. As such, much like most Afghans, he rushed to the airport during the occupation of Kabul desperate to find a rescue flight home.

But, it’s still unclear how long the suspect would need to wait in order to be rescued. Currently, the Taliban had taken control of the airport to stop Afghans from leaving.

Murder Suspect Flees To Afghanistan, Now Begging To Come Home

Meanwhile, they’re only permitting foreigners to leave. Due to the incidents that transpired, his brother Jeremy Noble told 9News:

All Australian citizens are entitled to the safety that they deserve by right of their citizenship. This man will face due process when he comes back to Australia

Luckily, local authorities have confirmed that Hussaini would in fact be getting a flight home. Still, this would prove to be a double-edged sword for the suspect as authorities would also be waiting at the Australian airport for his arrest.

According to an article from Unilad, Hussaini was tagged as a suspect in the murder and torture of his friend, Dejan Dimitrovski. So far, three men have already been jailed in connection to the crime.

Two of the suspects were sentenced to 10 years in jail with the third sentenced to four years for being an accessory to the crime. Initially, police had arrested Hussaini at the scene of the crime. But, he managed to slip away and fled to Afghanistan two weeks later.

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