Harry Roque Defends Mocha’s Appointment Amid “Moral Ascendancy” Issue

Harry Roque Averts Mocha Uson’s Past Amid “Moral Ascendancy” Issue to a Mayor

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque averts Mocha Uson’s past before being appointed amid the “moral ascendancy” issue to unnamed mayor.

Roque comes out against President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement allegedly criticizing a certain mayor for “moral ascendancy” over a possible presidential run. Earlier, the President questioned the mayor’s moral authority to lead, despite the fact that he was a serious contender for the president.

Harry Roque Moral Ascendancy

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Despite the fact that the President did not name the mayor, he recalled his past, stating that he used to dress badly in front of the media and have his private parts photographed. After seeing the person’s “bikini” images on Facebook, Duterte stated that the person was being trained to be a “call boy.”

As a result, some individuals began to recall the background of the Presidential Communications Operation Office (PCOO) secretart Mocah Uson, prompting reporters to question Roque about it. However, he denied that he was aware of Mocha’s past.

He was then asked if the appointment of former performer Mocha Uson as PCOO’s assistant secretary conflicts with the President’s call for moral superiority. The spokesperson, on the other hand, averts and denied the former entertainer’s past before being selected to the position.

“Ang ini-issue lang niya is ano ang moral ascendancy nitong taong ‘to para mamuno ‘no. Si Mocha Uson, well, na-appoint po iyan pero hindi ko naman po alam kung ano talaga nakaraan ni Mocha Uson ‘no sa totoo lang po ‘no. Ang sinasabi ko lang is the President gave her a second chance and I think she took advantage of the second chance,” said Roque.

Roque questioned how the President can claim ascendancy for making fun of the former sexy actor after his previous sexist remarks and jokes, he said: “The President never posed for pictures like those and let’s leave it at that.”

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