Robin Padilla Reveals He Has No Savings Due To This Reason

Ogie Diaz attests to the generosity of Robin Padilla and here’s why he accordingly has no savings.

ROBIN PADILLA – Action star Robin Padilla reveals why he doesn’t value money just as much as the others and here’s why he has no savings.

Actors with a caliber like that of Robin Padilla surely earn so much from the industry. Aside from their fee as artists, they must have also other investments and businesses to grow their money. But for Robin, money doesn’t hold any value to him anymore, most especially when it did nothing to him when got jailed.

In an interview, Ogie Diaz attested how generous and kind Robin is because he himself has witnessed it. There was this time accordingly when Diaz’s partner gave birth to their fifth child and while in the hospital he was handed an amount from the action star who took the initiative to share even without being asked. And Diaz, openly shared that he is not just like this to him only but to all the people who need his help.

He even told him one time that he won’t surely have savings due to these actions but Robin would accordingly just brush it off saying that helping is his happiness. He even divided his shares in ABS-CBN to him as per the host’s narrative.

In the interview, Robin admitted, “sa ipon wala siguro akong ipon” but his managers, aside from managing him, also manage his finances which is something he is grateful about from them. He stated that any amount of money given to him easily vanishes away because what he would just do is give it away. Robin confessed, “Simula nung nakulong ako, dun ko nalaman na walang value ang pera… Pag gusto kang ikulong dito sa mundong to, walang magagawa ang pera.”

After being imprisoned, that was when he realized that there’s no point in keeping his money, thus, he used the “sobra” from his pocket to help other people. He added that he will surely be left with zero if not for his management and his wife Mariel Padilla.

“Nung hindi ko pa asawa si Mariel, sa foundation lahat napupunta yan,” he said. While some find his generosity a bit weird for always putting other people first than himself and his family, he doesn’t mind at all because they understand him including his wife.

He shared, “Iisa ka lang tao ang dami mong pera? Anong gagawin mo dyan? Ok naman ang nanay ko… ganun din ang asawa ko. Nag-negosyo pa siya ngayon. Ang ganda nung negosyo niya na pagkain. Ang sinasabi ko lang naman yung sobra. Aanhin mo yung sobra. Sobra nga eh, salita pa lang sobra na. Kumbaga sa tubig, pag umapaw na, pamigay mo na kesa tumapon.”

Robin Padilla

Here are some of the comments from the video:

Robin is truly kindhearted person, it’s better to a give than to receive.

My God, I didn’t know he is this good, I like him more.

Grabe, parang hirap panindigan ang kanyang prinsipyo but I salute to you Robin, points mo yan sa langit, he is building his empire in heaven and not in this world

I did not realize how big Robin’s heart is. His family will never lack due to his generosity. How inspiring!


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